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Ocean Marine Surveyors is proud to offer clients the most accurate, impartial, and confidential marine survey and consulting services in Southern California.

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Pre-Purchase Surveys

A pre-purchase survey requires examining every facet of the boat without a tear down. The process prioritizes the most important aspects of the boat including all major systems.  The more experienced, qualified, and educated a surveyor is, the higher quality of work that you will receive.

Surveys involve three major steps.

  • Static. in water inspection
  • Haul out to inspect the underbody
  • Sea trial

Damage Surveys

The purpose of a damage inspection is to determine the scope of damage and assist in the creation of a repair plan.  Progressive inspections of the repair work are a common request, along with a final inspection of the completed repair work to help ensure repairs were done correctly.

  • Determine the scope of the damage
  • Starting point for the development of a repair plan
  • Review completed repairs
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Insurance Surveys

Insurance surveys are conducted to determine marine risk and value of a vessel, and are often used for re-insurance of vessel.

Financial Evaluation Surveys
An inspection to determine the vessel’s value is conducted primarily for refinancing, estate settlement, and divorce asset value.

  • Identify marine risk
  • Assess value of a vessel
  • Generally conducted for refinancing, estate settlement, and divorce asset valuation

Pre-Purchase Surveys

This is the most comprehensive inspection of a vessel. The purpose of the survey is to gather as much information about the condition of the vessel before purchase.


Engine Analysis

If you are planning to purchase a boat, a thorough inspection of the engine and generator installation is a virtual necessity. 


Insurance Surveys

Designed to help insurance underwriters make underwriting decisions based on the condition and general value  of the vessel.


Marine Vessel Appraisals

Vessel appraisals consist of an inspection and report designed to provide you with thoroughly researched fair market value.


Cargo Damage Reports

When a vessel sustains damage, it’s important that you notify your insurance company to assign a surveyor.  We will assess the damage and a list of recommended repairs.


Sea Trials

The goal of any sea trial is to test the propulsion systems and controls in real-life conditions.  Sea trials are important as vessels cannot be thoroughly assessed while inside a marina.

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Ocean Marine Surveyors provides a wide array of marine surveys including pre-purchase surveys, valuation surveys, damage surveys, insurance surveys, and more. We are current SAMS members and ABYC certified to help ensure that each and every client receives a superior level of service.