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Our team is frequently asked, “How much does a marine survey cost”? While on the surface, providing a flat-rate seems like the easiest response, the real answer is “it depends”. Each vessel is different which means each survey is different in terms of complexity and time to complete.

Type of vessel (power or sail), size, intended use, onboard systems, and construction methods, as well as location are a few factors to consider. These factors all contribute to the overall cost of a survey.

Vessel Size

Larger vessels typically have more inspection areas and more onboard systems than smaller vessels. It will always take more time to ascertain the operating condition of a bigger vessel with more specialized systems such as roll stabilizers, water makers, multiple air conditioners, complicated electronic systems, and modern propulsion. Surveys cost more when extra time is required.

Age and Condition

Another critical factor to consider is the age and condition of the vessel. In the case of an older boat, deferred maintenance is a common issue requiring additional time and investigation to make an accurate assessment. Conversely, newer boats that are well maintained require less inspection time.


Cost vs Investment

You are investing in peace of mind when you get a marine survey. Although choosing the cheapest surveyor may initially save you a few dollars, unforeseen repairs may cost you significantly more in the long run. Choosing the least expensive person for the job is not always the best decision. At Ocean Marine Surveyors, we don’t believe in cutting corners. Asking for references, reading reviews, and researching the surveyor’s qualifications are the first steps to selecting a surveyor. Then, speak directly with the surveyor to determine if they are a good match.  

There are many reasons why having a comprehensive marine survey report is important. It not only establishes the value and condition of the vessel, but also helps determine its fair market value. Reports from marine surveys are commonly used as evidence in litigation, so hiring the best person you can is a good idea and you’ll be glad you decided to hire a professional. To ensure you have an expert working for you, we invest countless hours and money in our education and qualifications. It is often more expensive to hire the cheapest surveyor. 

Call us and tell us about your boat and we will happy to provide you with a free quote.

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