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Providing Marine Insurance Surveys Across All
Southern California Harbors and Marinas

Looking to obtain or renew a marine insurance policy?  Based in beautiful Newport Beach, CA,  Ocean Marine Surveyors services all major harbors and marinas in Southern California  We offer a wide variety of marine surveys including marine insurance surveys.  We’ve inspected thousands of vessels over the years and guarantee that our survey will be accepted by your insurance company or your money back.  

A marine insurance survey typically involves a detailed inspection to determine both condition and value.  Our condition and value surveys are designed to help you quickly identify any issues that could lead to a claim and also help determine the vessels value when establishing a policy.

An insurance survey from Ocean Marine Surveyors typically includes:

  • Vessel identification
  • Structural integrity 
  • Engine and Propulsion
  • Batteries
  • Ground Tackle and Mooring
  • Mast and Rigging
  • Fire and Safety Equipment
  • Written valuation

Our reports are specifically formatted for insurance underwriters to ensure you can begin enjoying your boat as soon as possible and they have all the facts to make smart underwriting decisions.  With over 22 years of boating and marine experience and industry recognized industry certifications including ABYC and NAMS, Ocean Marine Surveyors has the skill and expertise to get the job done. 

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With over 22 years of marine and boating experience in the Southern California area, Ocean Marine Surveyors has completed hundreds of marine surveys.  


As both a NAVTECH and ABYC certified marine surveyor, we have the credentials necessary to provide you with an accurate and professional report.


We promptly respond to all phone calls and emails to help answer any questions in a timely manner.  Our report turnaround time is one of the fastest in the industry. 

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