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Are you looking to purchase a boat in the Southern California area and need that peace of mind that comes with a pre purchase survey?

A pre-purchase survey is essential prior to purchasing any vessel.  Considered the most comprehensive of all marine surveys, the pre-purchase survey is designed to provide a potential buyer an in-depth understanding of the boats condition and value.

We understand that purchasing a boat is a big financial investment.  A comprehensive pre-purchase marine survey from Ocean Marine Surveyors can help you quickly identify any potential problems and can even save you money by providing a solid foundation when negotiating the purchase price.  We are one of the highest rated marine surveyors in all of Southern California with numerous 5-star ratings from our satisfied clients.  

With over 22 years of boating experience and numerous industry certifications we have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide you with a professional marine pre-purchase survey at an affordable rate.

The goal of every pre-purchase survey is to find any problems before a financial transaction occurs

The Process

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The pre-purchase survey process begins with a scheduled meeting at your marina.  Note that some inspections require a full day to complete so its important to plan accordingly .  

In Water

All accessible areas of the vessel are documented and inspected including but not limited to the desk, sideshells, underwaterbody,  Structural integrity is determined through ‘sounding’ and testing with a moisture meter.  Electrical systems are tested for operational integrity.  Required safety equipment is identified and condition is noted. 

Haul Out

Haul outs are a critical phase of the pre purchase survey as many of the most important sections of the boat are below the waterline.  A haul out is arranged with the marina to thoroughly inspect the hull, propeller, shaft, and any area previously not accessible. Keel. rudder, hull penetrations, and propulsion
components are evaluated. 

Sea Trial

Sea trials are also a must-do part of a thorough pre-purchase survey as this process will help determine how well the vessels systems operate under load including specific maneuvers.  Many boats appear great cosmetically but how do they perform?  Do the engines operate as intended?  Is the steering accurate and smooth?  How about vibrations at speed?  The only way to truly know how well a boat performs is through a comprehensive sea trial. 

The Scope

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The vessel will be examined for compliance with mandatory United States Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 33 and Title 46 regulations, USCG regulations, recommendations of the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC), and the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA).

While every vessel is different, we inspect every accessible inch of the vessel’s structure and every accessible system.  While a boats age, type, and onboard equipment can radically vary from one vessel to another, our approach is the same.

Every accessible area of the boat’s structure and systems are inspected.  

We check the boats overall condition, verify systems are operational, and are in compliance with regulations and standards.  A pre purchase survey looks for potential warning signs including but not limited to:

  • Hull, Deck & Superstructure
  • Electrical Systems (AC and DC)
  • Fuel and Exhaust Systems
  • Navigation equipment
  • Rudder and Steering Gear
  • Plumbing & Marine Pumps
  • Deck Level Rigging & Sails
  • Drivetrain & Running Gear
  • Haul-Out & Bottom Inspection
  • Sea Trials for performance and systems operations
  • Engine Compression
  • USCG Firefighting and Safety Equipment

The Report

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Report turnaround time is generally between 2-4 days depending on various factors including work load and vessel complexity.  Survey reports will include the vessel description, condition of the various systems, and overall value.  Each section will include detailed feedback as well as a summary of the overall condition of the vessel.  Numerous high-resolution photographs are taken during a survey, with the most relevant included in the final report. 

Accessible areas of the vessel are documented and inspected including but not limited to.

  •  Vessel Description
  • Hull & Structure
  • Machine Systems
  • Tankage
  • Electrical Systems
  • Safety and Lifesaving
  • Accessories
  • Summary
  • Vessel Values
  • Recommendations

Why Choose Ocean Marine Surveyors

With nearly a quarter century of experience, industry certifications, and thousands of satisfied clients, Ocean Marine Surveyors is a recognized leader in the marine survey industry.  Fair prices and and a strong focus on customer service, we work hard to ensure your marine survey is both an informative and pleasant experience. 

Our Satisfied Clients:

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5.0 4 reviews

  • Avatar Marissa Kramer ★★★★★ a year ago
    I contacted George last week for a Survey/Appraisal for insurance purposes for our Retrofitted 1979 ski boat. First of all, George answered the phone right away and he was very patient with me as we talked through the process. I let him … More know that we were under a bit of time constraint and he said he could come to our house that same day, within just a few hours even!! He was punctual and communicated every detail with me during the survey. He worked quickly and even though is was 100 degrees that day, he was professional and very pleasant!! Our report was emailed to us early the next morning and it was very detailed and thorough! I was able to send the appraisal off and we were insured that very same day!! George even sent me a text after our boat’s maiden voyage to check how everything went!! EXCELLENT SERVICE!!! Thanks George!! 😄
  • Avatar First Watch Marine ★★★★★ a year ago
    As marine technicians and mechanics, we are always happy to meet other professionals who have a similar focus on quality and service as we do. Yesterday I met George from Ocean Marine Surveyors at a boatyard where we were both involved … More in inspection of a very nice yacht for the potential buyer. I was immediately impressed with his professional appearance and demeanor, and he asked intelligent questions. A pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!
  • Avatar John Crockford ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    I contacted George about doing a survey on a boat, he really bent over backwards to accommodate my schedule, even tho He was very booked. As it turned out, we decided against the boat purchase, but George was very understanding and cancelled … More the survey and refunded my monies. If I find another boat in that area, I will definitely call George! JRC
  • Avatar Albertine Huizing ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    George is a lifesaver, I have a wooden 1971 Grand Banks Classic that marinas do not want in their marina, because of other bad experiences. When George wrote an extensive report and valued my yacht higher than purchase price, George recognized … More all of the work was done and wrote the report accordingly. Now marinas are much more accepting of letting me dock my boat pretty much anywhere! Thanks George!
  • Avatar Fares Ustwani ★★★★★ a year ago
    George was not able to make it so he sent his best guy Jeff. It was a pleasure to talk and work with him inspecting the boat. Very informative and honest. A diligent worker that I would use everytime moving forward. Thanks guys for all … More your efforts you make yacht buying easy.
  • Avatar Duncan Taylor ★★★★★ a year ago

Comprehensive Marine Surveys Delivered Fast

You can expect your survey in as little as 2-4 days after inspection.  Ocean Marine Surveyors have one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry!

Pre-Purchase Surveys

Determining the value and overall condition of a vessel prior to purchase requires a comprehensive survey, haul out, and sea trial.  This is our most in-depth survey designed to help boat buyers make an informed decision.

Damage Surveys

No matter how many safety procedures are followed, vessel and cargo damage is inevitable.  Our damage surveys are designed to give you an accurate determination of the damage incurred making it easier to file any claims.   

Insurance Surveys

Otherwise known as Condition and Valuation surveys.  , our insurance surveys are specifically tailored to meet the strict requirements of marine insurance companies.  Whether you are looking to get a new policy or simply renewing an existing policy, our comprehensive insurance surveys can help.


Appraisal Surveys​

Your boat’s overall condition and its fair market value requires an appraisal survey.  This service is generally reserved for those involved in estate settlements, legal cases, boat financing deals, divorce settlements, donations and more.


Engine Analysis

Engine and generator analysis is an additional option for those looking for an in-depth marine survey. We thoroughly inspect the engine and take oil samples for lab processing and analysis.


Sea Trials

Sea trials are essential for those looking for an in-depth performance assessment.  We will take your boat into open water and perform maneuvers to determine its real operational status. 

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our marine surveys to be accepted by your bank and insurance underwriter. If our survey is rejected due to the quality or limitations of the report, simply have the underwriter (not the agent or broker) forward us a letter on company letterhead stating the reason for the rejection, and the survey fee will be promptly refunded.


Fast Turnaround Time

We understand tight schedules.  Our report turnaround time is  one of the fastest in the industry.  


Qualified Experts

We are experts in our field, a current IIMS Affiliate,  and ABYC Certified in Marine Systems


Detailed Reports

Survey reports are guaranteed to be accepted by every known lender and insurance carrier

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Ocean Marine Surveyors provides a wide array of marine surveys including pre-purchase surveys, valuation surveys, damage surveys, insurance surveys, and more. George Malhiot is a current NAMS associate and IIMS affiliate. Our years of experience and credentials help ensure that each and every client receives a superior level of service.